DRP Flexpak

Providers of Packaging Solutions

Since 1983, DRP Flexpak has provided customized quality flexible packaging solutions. With a vast inventory of product offerings and decades of technical expertise, DRP Flexpak has become the packaging provider of choice to companies nationwide. We partner with our customers to develop, test, provide and manage flexible packaging solutions that meet the exact specifications your products and business demand. DRP Flexpak pledges to deliver the optimum solution for your flexible packaging needs.

Our team are experts at coordinating your flexible packaging needs. With each customer, DRP Flexpak creates a distinctive packaging solution that meets your specifications, deadlines, and budget.

Products and Capabilities

We offer an extensive range of films coupled with cutting-edge technology and expertise to customize your product packaging.

Markets Served

Our packaging products have nearly limitless applications including the food, retail, industrial, and converter markets.

Customer Service

Our exclusive focus is on helping our customers find the right solution to fit their product and company. Contact us today to see how we can help you.